What a Summer!

Written by: Jennifer Neer Posted on: August 5, 2020 Blog: News

Small in numbers, Big on adventures!

This summer at Mary Rigg looked a little different this year. But even with only 30 campers,face masks for all, and social distancing in place - Mary Rigg was still filled with the hustle, bustle, and laughter of children for the last seven weeks.

This year, our main priority was to provide a fun and safe environment for children. Through in-person, virtual, and recreational opportunities children were able to experience travel through virtual field trips, create arts projects, and even kept a scrapbook of their adventures. Children returning to school were also given the opportunity to learn what the new classroom environment will be like and adjust to what could be a difficult environment.

Campers enjoyed doing virtual activities that included virtual field trips,
learning about (and then making their own) volcanos

and doing various art projects

They even had the opportunity to make their own superhero costumes with the support of SHAKTI Warrior and Cool To Be Me

Miss Emerald built them a fun racetrack

All of campers also received free books from our partners at COVANTA

And one virtual field trip even led them to creating tomb treasure boxes after their tour of Egypt

Of course we didn't keep them inside all day... they had great experiences at Rhodius Park & Family Center playing foosball and air hockey (it was the first time playing for some of them)

And, thanks to Camptown, the campers were able to explore a course using only a compass in order to solve a phrase.

We want to be sure to give extra thanks to all of the donors and program partners that make this happen.

And, an extra special thanks to:

  • Camptown for donating Camp activity Boxes to distribute to our families. Each box contained interactive outdoor/nature activities for families to complete together
  • Arts for Lawrence for creating virtual art lessons and providing arts and craft bags
  • Covanta for supplying the campers with new books
  • IPS Food Services for providing our campers nutritious breakfasts and lunches

We'll see you next year!