Staff Listing

Name Contact Phone
Clark Lienemann
Email Clark 317.639.6106 x233
Stephanie James
Vice President
Email Stephanie 317.639.6106 x232
Cindy Miers
Director of Operations
Email Cindy 317.639.6106 x206
Lisa Thornton
Director of Development & Communications
Email Lisa 317.639.6106 x204
Andrew Lee
Mission Director
Email Andrew 317.639.6106 x201
Taylor Amundson, MSW, LSW
Licensed Social Worker
Email Taylor 317.639.6106 x208
Maria Baca-Vilchez
Community Supports Coach & Administration Manager
Email Maria 317.639.6106 x211
Jennifer Burnett
Advanced Employment Services Manager
Email Jennifer 317.639.6106 x210
Madeline Danner
Workforce Development Manager
Email Madeline 317.639.6106 x212
Madison Eckert
Youth Program Coordinator
Email Madison 317.639.6106 x223
Chris Emmons
Lead Employment Coach
Email Chris 317.639.6106 x213
Norma Gomez
Customer Service Assistant
Email Norma 317.639.6106 x158
Sheuna Higgins
Youth Program Manager
Email Sheuna 317.639.6106 x218
Salena Hughes
Customer Service Assistant
Email Salena 317.639.6106 x158
Joni Hurst
Food & Volunteer Program Coordinator
Email Joni 317.639.6106 x222
Linda Kassis, MSW
Senior Manager, Program & Financial Administration
Email Linda 317.639.6106 x203
Ana Maldonado
Mission Support Coordinator
Email Ana 317.639.6106 x202
Bill Moorehead
IT/Building Supervisor
Email Bill 317.639.6106 x156
Meaghan Owens
Program Support
Email Meaghan 317.639.6106
Hollison Shafer
Customer Service Assistant
Email Hollison 317.639.6106 x158
Leroy Thomas
Building Coordinator
Email Leroy 317.639.6106 x157
Terencia Turner
Community School Coordinator
Email Terencia 317.6935523
Elaine Yednak
Financial Coach
Email Elaine 317.639.6106 x209