Energy Assistance Program Applications are being Scheduled Now

Written by: Jennifer Neer Posted on: October 3, 2019 Blog: News

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Energy Assistance Program (EAP) has started to take appointments. Residents can call 211 to have their appointments scheduled or they can go to to schedule them as well. They can request Mary Rigg as a place for their appointments. This year we will have a representative from EAP here to handle the appointments that have been scheduled. If they need a mail in packet they can call 317.926.4357 to be mailed out to them.

What should I do if I am about to be disconnected?
If you are in disconnect, please do not mail your application! A mail-in application may take too long to process to prevent being disconnected! Please call 317.926.4357 to find the first available appointment AND call your utility provider to make arrangements letting them know you are applying for EAP.

This link has the forms and requirements to apply for EAP.