8th Annual Dodgeball Tournament

When and where is the Dodgeball Tournament?

The 8th Annual Dodgeball Tournament will be held on Friday, June 7, 2019 at TBA. Doors will open at 5pm; games will begin at 6pm.

dodgeball_faq_graphic.pngWhy sponsor?

  1. You will be directly impacting and supporting school-aged, empowering youth programs at Mary Rigg Neighborhood Center, including Summer Day Camp and Before & After School.
  2. Increased visibility among other like-minded business and community members.
  3. Opportunities to connect both on and off the court.

How many people will be at the tournament?

We anticipate having up to 400 guests, including teams, businesses, community leaders, spectators, volunteers and others.

How do I sign my company up to be a sponsor?

You can sign up through our website, send email to Joni Hurst or call us at 317.639.6106.

Do you accept checks or are we required to pay online with a credit card?

Yes, we accept checks! We can even provide you with an invoice to make everything as accounting-friendly as possible.

My company is excited to sponsor the 7th Annual Dodgeball Tournament! We have registered and paid. What is our next step?

The next step is to send your company logo in both PNG and AI formats to Joni Hurst. This way we can ensure your logo looks its best wherever placed! Don't forget -- you'll also want to start putting your team(s) together.

As a sponsor of this event, my company would like to promote the event through our own outlets and social media channels. Is this allowed?

Absolutely! And we encourage it! We are happy to share our marketing materials with you. And, of course, you can always link directly to the Mary Rigg website, the dodgeball page or any of our social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Let us know when you promote the event so we can share it, too.

My company cannot provide a sponsorship this year, but I would like to organize a team to play in the tournament. How do I do that?

Start by recruiting your team members and getting registered. You need at least 6 team members, but you can have up to 10. Register by March 4, 2019 for early bird pricing of $20/team member. Regular pricing of $25/team member begins May 6, 2019.